Dessert creators, Funky Bakes are making some of Miami’s best new desserts

Miami has seen its fair shar of post-pandemic restaurant trends — from digital menus, outdoors layouts, and meal kits. However, this next trend came to rise and continues to grow, perhaps due to the pandmeic. Silver lining maybe? The creation of new restaurants with a focus on delivery and takeout options has now taken a strong foothold in Miami.

Now, it should be noted that a lot of home-chef and at home takeout options have become very popular. However, this one group opted to do something a bit riskier in spite of the on-going pandemic.

Today we say hello and welcome to Miami to the Funky Bakes virtual restaurant. Formerly known as Fry Haus Miami, the brand has expanded into new items and a new approach.

Photo Courtesy of Funky Bakes

This benefits us all as we will be able to order directly from the Funky Bakes website, as well as, UberEats, Postmates, and GrubHub.

Funky Bakes is a dessert kitchen specializing in cookies, both baked and fried. Plus, they’ve got a few other treats. The Funky Bakes kitchen is managed by Cabana Craft Eatery.

The family run business wants to take community connection and combine it with food. You’ll see this manifested in their heavily Miami-based dessert menu.

Our top dessert picks:

  1. Tremendo Cookie

“This delicious Funky Bakes classic cookie is baked to soft perfection. Topped with our sweet and creamy guayaba blend icing. Brings 6 cookies.”

2. Floridita Cookie

“This delicious Funky Bakes classic cookie is baked to soft perfection. Topped with our signature sweet and citrusy orange icing. Brings 6 cookies.”

3. Tutti Frutti Fried

“This version of our icing topped, fried Oreo combines a chocolate Oreo, with fruity pebbles, and a specialty cream icing. 6 pcs.”

Order directly on their website:Funky Bakes – Desserts & Fried TreatsWe’re Funky Bakes, a Miami-based trio bringing you fresh-baked Funky Bakes cookies and fried treats. Our delivery…

or find them on UberEats, Postmates and Grubhub.